Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deal with lash extensions?

Semi-permanent lash extensions are individual synthetic, silk or mink threads of varying thicknesses, curls and lengths that are applied to individual natural lashes to increase length, definition, volume, curl and darkness. These lashes are applied with a high-grade adhesive, safe for this use but not safe for application directly to the skin. There are different strengths of glue, and if you are someone more sensitive to smells or irritants, sensitive glues are available.

How thick are the extensions?

Extensions come in many different thicknesses. The finer the extension, the softer and more natural the effect. Your natural lashes should not be overloaded with anything too heavy, so using extensions closest in thickness to your natural lash is best. You can still achieve volume by using a higher number of extensions, so don't worry that this will mean a look that is too natural — it just means the health of your natural lashes will be preserved.

What length are the lash extensions?

Extensions can be up to twice the length of your natural lash (too much longer will stress your natural lash.) So your stylist will advise what is recommended for you based on your natural length, along with your eye size and shape, facial bone structure and your desired look.


How long will they last for?b>

When lash extensions are properly applied and maintained, they can last between 4 to 8 weeks. The more lashes that are applied, the longer they last — you naturally shed about 10 lashes per week and as this happens, your extensions will drop out as well. If you like, you can usually have an infill appointment to tidy up the remaining lashes, assess your lash health and replace those lost.

Your natural lashes shed and replenish in a cycle every 60 to 90 days. When a natural lash is shed, a new lash is already growing behind and pushes through to replace the shed lash. This constant process is hardly noticeable with natural lashes, but when you have extensions, you may see a fallen lash with the extension still attached. Some extensions pop off if application isn't perfect, so you may find some without natural lashes attached. If this is excessive, or you are losing an excessive amount of natural lashes with the extensions, contact your stylist.


What can I do to make my extensions last longer?

Depending on your lifestyle, the longevity of your lash extensions may vary. Getting the lashes too wet and leaving them wet, exposing them to constant humidity and heat will have great impact on how long your lashes last before you lose them. Sometimes over summer slightly more frequent infill appointments are necessary.

Cleanse your lashes! Using a lash wash specific to lash extensions will help keep your lashes clean or excess oils, makeup buildup, mites and dust.

Avoid sleeping on your face, rubbing your eyes, picking the lashes off or pulling on them can also affect the lasting power of your lashes, and also the health of your natural lashes under the extensions.

You should NOT lose many natural lashes to a single extension, nor should your lashes last more than 8 weeks. Either of these occurrences mean the application has been incorrect — unless your extensions are specialist volumizing lashes, you should have ONE extension applied to ONE natural lash. If your lashes last an incredibly long time, it could mean they are attached to the skin. (Some stylists use latex glue which can be attached to the skin, which is fine, but standard extension adhesives should not EVER touch the skin.)

How are the lashes applied?

The application process should not hurt or be uncomfortable at all, you should be reclined and able to close your eyes whilst wearing eye pads. The only exception of this is the application of express party flares using a very mild adhesive, usually during makeup application. The lashes are applied individually, allowed to set and begin to cure before you open your eyes again. Your stylist should talk you through the treatment so you don't feel vulnerable or confused whilst lying down, and so you know what to do when it's time to open your eyes.


Will the extensions hurt or be uncomfortable?

You shouldn't feel your extensions; they should be lightweight, non-painful, non-irritating, and soft. Any discomfort is an indicator of either poor application or a reaction. The extensions should move easily and freely, and not be clumped together, sticky or stinging. Some clients experience a little tingling if they open their eyes too soon after the treatment, so make sure you wait until your stylist tells you to open your eyes.

Will the extensions damage my
natural lashes?

Most lash damage seen is from uneducated or inexperienced stylists offering extensions that are too long or too thick, using excessive amounts of adhesive, applying lashes to the skin or to each other. Correct sizing of lash extensions is extremely important and I advise clients to return for maintenance so we also can assess the health of their natural lashes. Generally with the correct application, care and maintenance, semi-permanent eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes.

Reactions can still occur, albeit rarely, and so entires can just mean you are unsuited to a particular adhesive. Make sure you report this to your stylist, to be assessed and have the issue rectified. You may need a new set or even a break, but your eye health is paramount.

Lash extensions can be used to repair or hide problems with your natural lashes (for example bridging techniques can be used to cover gaps caused by lash loss)

Can I apply mascara with my eyelash extensions?

Mascara is optional but not recommended; if you must wear it, make sure you choose non-waterproof mascara, take care to be gentle while removing it using an oil-free remover, and dry the lashes well with a cool blow-dry. Wearing it on your lower lashes is fine.

You can request a fuller look by having more extensions applied when you have your extensions infilled, which will remove the desire to wear mascara. It's best not to wear it!

How often do I need to get them touched up?

I recommend you should get your extensions touched up every 2 to 3 weeks. This depends on how well you care for them, how fast your lashes grow and shed, or how full you like to keep them. Some of my clients I see weekly because they like them absolutely perfect, others one every 5 weeks!

Will they fall out naturally or do I need to get them removed?

If you do not get your lashes touched up, they will fall out gradually and naturally over 8 weeks. If you wish to get them removed, you must get them removed by a professional. Do not attempt to pull them out yourself as this will damage your natural lashes.

How do I know that my stylist will do a good job?

Generally, pricing is an indicator of training and proficiency, as well as quality of service and product. Your stylist should be able to produce evidence of training or qualification. Word of mouth is a brilliant way of finding a lash stylist!

After Care

After Care for Semi-Permanent and Temporary Lashes

Your natural lashes have a growth cycle that lasts anywhere between 4–6 weeks — they're all at different stages of this cycle, which is why you're never lash-less, but it does mean there are a few things you need to know about how this will affect your new extensions.

Semi-Permanent lashes are individual lightweight extensions that are applied one per single natural lash. They create fullness, depth of colour, length and curl while looking realistic and beautiful. More dramatic volumising techniques apply more than one individual extension to the lash and must only be done by a professional. As your natural lashes come to the end of their cycle, they drop out when a new baby lash begins to push up through your follicle. When this happens, the extension attached to the natural lash will also fall out. This is a constant process, which is why to maintain a full set of extensions, infills every 2–4 weeks are required. The better you care for your new lashes at home, the longer you can go between touch-up appointments.

It is important to note that your lashes should NOT last longer than this cycle — if they do, they're likely attached to the skin which can be a dangerous practise when using the surgical adhesives designed for semi-permanent lashes, so make sure you check with your stylist their methods with this.

Temporary lashes are usually either flares that are attached to more than one lash, or extensions applied with gentler glue designed to last a shorter amount of time. These lashes need to be cared for in a similar way, but aren't able to be infilled and must be removed before a new set is applied. These lashes can stress lashes if they become attached to only one (they're heavier) so it's a good idea to remove them after 2–3 weeks.

As your natural lashes grow in their natural cycle, the extensions will fall out as your natural lashes shed. This is a constant process, but by following these instructions, your beautiful new lashes can last longer, maximising the length of time required in between touchups.

  • Do not come into contact with water or steam for the first 48 hours after treatment if you can help it. The drier they are in this initial period, the longer they will last (the glue is still curing)
  • Do not use oil-based products on your new lashes or around eye area. Always use OIL-FREE makeup removers for taking off makeup, opt for a lighter eye cream or even eye gel.
  • Avoid very hot showers and saunas in the first 48 hours.
  • Try to avoid sleeping on your face, and do not tug or pull your new lashes. Use the brush we provide if you need to, and use very gently with a rolling motion.
  • If your lashes got wet after a shower or swim, dry gently by blinking onto a tissue or towel. Follow by a COOL fan or hair dryer to dry off any excess moisture if you can!
  • After the initial curing period, wash your lashes gently each day with the Lash Wash provided by us and the lash wash brush. It is important to keep your eyelids and lashes/roots clean to maintain natural lash health. Dry well after washing.
  • Mascara is optional but definitely not recommended. You can request a fuller look with your lash extension infill to replace the need of wearing mascara. Only NON water proof mascara can be used on top of new lashes if absolutely necessary, and remove gently with OIL FREE eye makeup removers.
  • No tinting, curling or perming to be done on top of your new lash extensions please
  • Please contact us immediately if you experience any discomfort

Please remember, the moisture or oil sitting on your new lashes will soften the bond (glue), this will cause the extensions to detach from your natural lashes. If you follow the above instructions, your lashes should last beautifully for weeks.

For semi-permanent lash extensions, touchups every 2 to 5 weeks (depending on your lash growth rate and preference to fullness) are recommended for maintaining volume; if you do not wish to get them touched up, the lashes will fall out gradually over the course of 8 weeks. You must have at least 10 extensions remaining per eye to qualify for an infill.

I also offer a safe removal if required; please do not attempt to pull the extensions off, as this will impact on the health of your natural eyelashes.

Please contact me if you have any more questions in regards to aftercare.

Enjoy your new beauties!